Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Driving to Hemet, Pt. 3

This is at the south end of State St. San Jacinto Mtns. to right.

This area used to be all farms. Here is what is left now.

Almost in Hemet now.

In Hemet, driving east on Stetson Ave, looking at Mt. San Jacinto

Friday, December 10, 2010

Driving to Hemet, pt. 2

On Sage Rd., looking north.

Still on Sage Rd., still heading north.

Yep, Sage Rd. north again.

Out of St. John's Grade, on the lower part of Sage Rd. This is where I get my hay & feed. Now called Diamond Valley Market, it is better known to us old-timers by its original name, Big Pete's.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Driving to Hemet, pt. 1

I took these this morning, driving down to Hemet from home. This top photo was taken on Red Mtn. Rd. looking west. The flat mesa, below the skyline mesa is where the Nature Conservancy has a preserve. Lake Skinner is to the right. The road on the right hand side is more of Red Mtn. Rd.

This one was taken a bit further down Red Mtn Rd. The mountain way off to the west is part of the Santa Ana Mountains, know as Saddleback. I grew up in Orange County, on the other side of those mountains.
Another view from Red Mtn. Rd, looking north west.

Now on Sage Rd, a view north to the San Gorgonio Mtns., nearly 12,000 feet tall and snow capped.