Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Great Snow of 2012

I've been up here since May 1983. This was the biggest snow we have had, beating out the 1987 snow, which took two storms back to back on two days to get about 5 inches of snow accumulation. This one started snowing about 4pm and finished snowing around midnight. The total came to 6 inches of accumulation of snow. It was a heavy snow and everyone has broken trees; the hills will be alive with the sound of chain saws for some time coming.
Yes, it does sometimes snow in Southern California!
There are a bunch of posts, since Blogger only allows 5 photos per post. You will need to go down this entire page & then go to "Older Posts" to get the last 2.

Early the next morning, after the storm

Sticky Snow

Snow of 2012

This was about 1/2 hour into the storm. It was coming down pretty good.

Just 1/2 hour in & things are turning white.

The Guys

Lil' Red. He really is a Morgan, even tho he doesn't look like one.

Spirit Seeker, Autumn Wind & Lil'Red

The Guys.

Snow progression

, Stupid blogger will not print the photos in order. This is taken about 8pm.

This is about 1/2 hour into the storm.

This was 10 pm--6 inches of snow.

Beans & Dreamer

Here is Dreamer, after the storm, enjoying the sunshine.

And here she is, during the storm, not using her shelter. She is coming 29 years, one would think she would know better.

Beans & Dreamer enjoying the sun. Look at how the snow piled up on the t-post topper and how much is stuck to the electric fence. Yes, I did spend a pleasant afternoon fixing fence.

Broken Trees

This was the big pepper tree. After the handyman is done taking down all the broken limbs, there won't be much left of it. Looks like an elephant sat on it.

The big pepper tree from the other side.

An elephant sat on this one too.

After the clouds cleared...

Looking at Red Mountain

From house, over arena, to south

There are mini roses under there somewhere.

Friday, February 17, 2012

What happens when the horse rolls unders the pepper tree...

Pepper Berries in the tail!

Maybe this could start a new fad for the showring?

Sometimes, savvy means knowing when to quit

This week I made the decision that the horse I've been working with for some time now, with interruptions due to weather and life, just is not going to be the solid, uncomplicated trail horse I want. He has made progress from when I got him, has made many good changes, but I have been trying to put the square peg in the round hole and putting too much pressure on both of us. To get to what I want would take much time, time without all the gaps that happen with me. He needs much more consistent time then I can do. And a more skilled, knowledgeable, better riding person would help too. As my instructor said "with someone else who can give him consistent time, he would eventually come through, but probably would still not be quite what you want." She also said that a horse with his temperament & personality can just be exhausting because you never know what horse will be greeting you that day or even moment to moment.

Decision made. And I have been amazed at just how much stress I had. I am looking at him differently now, seeing all the good things about him that make him fun. He has so much personality and is so very interactive that it used to be fun to be with him. Now, I can get back to that. I can just ride and train and enjoy him. I can be happy with the progress he has made-- such as discovering he has a hind end and what he can do with it; starting to think about a puzzle instead of just rushing into it; trotting over ground poles without losing his mind; stopping on my breath & energy; turning off a light aid; and all the other accomplishments he now has. I can go at his speed, which is to go slow with lots of repetition and time to think it over without feeling like I am never going to get him out on the trail with any reliability.

And right after I made my decision, I found out about a Lippitt Morgan gelding for sale only 10 miles away from me. I am going to go look Saturday. And if he is not the right one, I'll keep looking.