Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Crackers, my Amazon parrot, died Sunday morning. In typical bird manner, he showed no sign of illness until he was extremely sick, and then died shortly after.
I've had him 18 years and do not know his age. He was given to me by someone to whom he was given because they did not want him anymore. He came with no information.
It wasn't supposed to end this way. He was supposed to live a long time yet. I'll miss his raucous ways: the way he would make the dogs howl by squaking in just the right tempo & pitch; the way he always was happy to talk with me; the way he muttered "ruck you ruck you ruck you" under his breath (he came with that); the loud cries at both ends of the day; the way he imitated the ravens; and all his other things.
Fly free, my friend and enjoy being with other parrots, eating your favorite foods, making dogs howl, and talking with humans when the mood hits you.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happiness is

having both my handymen running the Swisher string mowers in the weeds. They got a lot done & now I can actually see my property, instead of 3-4' high mustard.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Domenigoni Trail Ride

The weather was perfect for this ride, which raises money for Diabetes research & children's camp. There were about 150 riders, sent out in 3 groups, although the first two groups merged together at the lunch stop. The ride is 10 miles with 3 rest stops, and wanders through the Domenigoni Family land and some MWD land also. All this land is normally closed.
The following photos are a selection of the 55 or so I took. I took lots of pictures of individual horses that caught my eye but am not posting those here. The photos are in order from the start of the ride to near the end.

Domenigoni Charity Ride, Pt. 1

The west dam of Diamond Valley Lake.

One of the stock ponds hidden in the hills.

Domenigoni Charity Ride, Pt. 2

Three of the Mounted Sheriffs that rode.

Domenigoni Charity Ride, Pt. 3

Yes, that horse is standing all by himself, completely unattended. He did that at the two rest stops our groups overlapped. Very well trained to stand tied without being actually tied.