Friday, May 3, 2013

Waterworks--I should Know better

I've lived up here for 30 years & never has fixing or putting in new water pipe EVER gone to plan. Why would I think that this would be different? When handyguy Mike cut the 2" main pipe, this is what we got--
Not exactly matching up, is it. Over the decades, the ground shifted and put pressure on the pipe, which caused the weakest place to give away and cause the leak.
 We gave up for the day, Mike capped it so I could have house water & horse water and we re-planned. 
The next day, Mike had to dig out all 3 directions of the pipelines to take pressure off the pipes and make them more flexible. The result was a big mound of dirt and a bigger hole.
It worked, however, and Mike got the pipe ends to line up.

But he could not get the repair coupling to fully seat and thus we had water still coming out. We needed more then just my one large pipe wrench.  We ended up calling handyguy Joe to request back up. Mike went to get Joe & he arrived with a large pipe wrench & a large channel lock. That got the job nearly done. There was still a slow drip but we all agreed that it would probably seal up overnight. It did.
Now Mike just has to come back and fill in the hole.
There is always something fun going on here.