Monday, May 8, 2017

May 2017 Garden

The fragrant classic, Mr. Lincoln

Dianthus and a small rose bush.

My 3rd year marigolds. I planted a pony pak in this hanging container back in 2015. last year & this year, they came back from self-seeding. There are some dozed or so growing in the ground also.

Two mini roses

The great Chrysler Imperial. It is always very fragrant.

Two ferns bundled up together. They came that way in the pot at the store.

Japanese Lace Fern

Climbing red rose that grew from the rootstock. Two of the horses in the background.

Pansies in a pot. Sword fern in the background.

Two rose bushes with pink roses.

My Velvet Rose, named because it looks like velvet. 

Multiflora and multi-colored, and very free blooming.
Fern Garden.

Both fern gardens.

Just planted, a lovely single-petal rose.