Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Calico Cat

Last week, when we were having the very cold and wet weather, Hestia decided that she no longer wanted to stay in the extra bedroom at night. When a determined cat decides something, the human must obey and so out she came. Since then, she has been sleeping with me every night. The two Maine Coons sometimes join us and sometimes not. Hestia's preferred sleeping place is on my sternum. When I turn over onto my side, she just sorts of rolls with me and then sleeps on my upper side. She rolls back with me when I turn again onto my back. Since she weighs only about 7.5 pounds, it is much more comfortable having her on top of me then having Summer, who weighs 18 pounds. She makes a very nice sleeping companion.
The photos show her playing with her purple ribbon. She is a very energetic and playful cat and likes to get the ribbon, pull it to her and then to disembowel it with her hind claws. Has me laughing every time.


Meghan said...

That looks eerily familiar. I was wrapping presents last night, and I had one of those rolls of ribbon that has 7 or 8 different colors on one roll side-by-side. One of my cats grabbed the ribbon (and I think it was the purple one) and proceeded to drag the ENTIRE roll around the house with him. When I would get close enough to take it back, he'd take off again.

Gotta love 'em.

And count your blessings. When my Milo kitty was younger, he used to sleep on my head.

CurtsBooks said...

Summer, the 18 lb. Maine Coon tried to sleep on my head--once. We got that sorted out and he has not tried since. I do have some limits.