Saturday, June 27, 2009

How to Talk to your Animals by Jean George

The book should be called "How to Listen to Your Animals" as it is really about that. It does a good job of explaining different domestic animals' face expressions, body language, use of ears and tails and what it all means. By paying attention to the different vocalizations of the animal, valuable feedback into the animal's state of mind can be gained. I found the book interesting and a fun read. However, I did find the chapter on horses to be her weakest one. She had some things right on and some things, not so much. The chapter on birds was interesting as those are the ones I know least about. I laughed a lot in the dog and cat chapters as she was so right about their "language". Yep, that's a cat, alright, I kept saying to myself.
All in all, this is a book worth reading.


Union Square said...

Is this a new book? Old book? I am on a dial-up and am lazy. :)

The name caught my eye, reminded me of Jean Craighead George. She wrote fairly knowledgeably about animals in her children's books, so I wondered if it was the same person.

HorseOfCourse said...

Sage Beasties, please drop by my blog to retrieve your Honest Scrap award!

CurtsBooks said...

I'm late reading comments here too. It is indeed Jean Craighead George. And it is an early 1980's book.