Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cat Duplex

I had put this bench on the bed so I could vacuum. Once I was done, the cats took over.


quietann said...

That's a wonderful photo! Happy cats, they must really like each other to be so close.

CurtsBooks said...

These are the two that came together from the shelter. They are brothers. When it is chilly, they will curl up around each other.
Then there is the calico, Hestia, aka Spittin' Devil. She absolutely will not accept the two guys anywhere near each other. She hisses and spits in a most impressive manner.

quietann said...

Ah. I have never had two cats that came to me together; there's always been a "senior" and a "junior" thought not always in age. The current pair are Naku, an 8 year old grey female who is retired from Harvard Medical School's breeding colony, and Sam, a 1 year old orange tabby. They are both rather shy, and Sam is not overcoming his feral origins very well. But they are lovely cats on their own terms.