Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cupboard Cat

This is Sky Dancer, who gets up onto the bathroom counter & then opens the cupboard and makes himself a nice cave. He sometimes stays in there all day long. I don't use the towels on this shelf as they are now his bed. MY towels are on the next shelf up.


phaedra96 said...

My kitty, Walter, I saved when he was little. He fell out of the hayloft. I kept him in a rabbit cage in the barn til he decided I was worth cultivating. I carried him around inside my barn coat. He moved into the house with his "sister" and thus became the only two suvivors of three litters of kittens. They never moved out. Walter was obsessed with the bottom shelf in the cupboard in the bathroom and the bottom shelf of Bill's wardrobe(the joys of a closetless house). He would open the door and crawl in all the way to the back. I would shut doors, very puzzeled as to why they were open until we caught him. He no longer does that. Became too large, I guess. He is not a snall cat!!!

CurtsBooks said...

They do like their caves!