Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Sunny So. Calif. Spring--not

This photo was taken in Feb. after a storm put some snow on the Palomar Mtns. It may soon be looking like that again as a late spring cold storm is coming through. We got about 1/3 inch of rain last night with more in the forecast for tonight & tomorrow. Snow levels are to be down to 4,000 feet which will just miss us at 3,000 feet. It is cold--40 when I left home this morning at 9:30--and very windy. The horses, who are all shedding, are wondering what happened to the nice warm weather. I'm glad I have this nice barn to stash them in for the night so they can get out of the wind and wet. They'll be going in tonight. We do need the rain and it is very good to get such late rain.

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