Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Early Morn in April

This is the view from the vantage point where the dirt roads meet the paved road where I was waiting for the electrician to arrive. This is looking east.
From the same vantage point, looking southwest.

And this is the dirt road heading out, dipping down to Willow Culvert.

The electrician arrived right on time. The fix was simple, merely replacing the big circuit breaker in the main box that led to the house's circuit box. It had gotten wet and burned out.

Now that I have full electricity at home, the store has no water (see the blog).


phaedra96 said...

Wow! You certainly live out in the middle of Nowhere! But, on the other hand, what gorgeous scenery!

quietann said...

beautiful photos!

BTW have you see this guy: "Stevie"? Lippitt, lots of crosses to Lippitt Miss Nekomia, and he's adorable. Wish I was in the market for another horse...