Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Mighty Hunting Cat Does It Again

Choice of Photo Captions--
The Mighty Hunting Cat resting up from the hunt.
The Last Thing the Prey Sees

So, this morning, I walk into the living room to find my Mighty Hunting Cat crouched by his kill. A Rabbitt!? What?!
The only outdoor access the cats have is the fully enclosed cat patio. The lower part is fenced with standard V-mesh wire fencing and I know the rabbits can get through that when they are young and not fully grown. I've been putting chicken wire on the V-mesh of the garden area to keep the darn things out. Why did a rabbit go onto the cat patio? Perhaps it was in the garden (I've not finished the chicken wire project yet) and decided to leave via the cat patio--where the Mighty Hunting Cat was waiting. I found a small amount of fresh blood on the patio floor but the rabbit looked unmarked.
Sadly, I had to take the rabbit away as I really did not need rabbit guts and hair all over the house.
I really wish I had seen that catch.

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