Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rain & Snow

The storm this past Sunday night into Monday gave us the closest snow we have had this season. There was snow on Cauhilla Mtn (5500') but none on Little Cauhilla Mtn. (5000'). Close, but so far. But the snow was heavy on Mt. San Jacinto, San Gorgorino, the San Bernardino Mtns & the San Gabriels. Lots & lots of beautiful snow.
As to rain, yeah we got some. This is a La Nina year, where So. Calif. has colder then usual temps (yep, that has happened) and less rain (nope, that has not happened yet). So far in Oct. Nov. & Dec. I've measured about 14.5 inches. We had a freak heavy rain in mid October to start the season. Then unusual rains in November, then December really cut loose. During the "Pineapple Express" sequence of rain, we got 8.5 inches in 6 days. This was not a record, but close. Back during an El Nino year in the 90's we got 9 inches in 4 days. However, we did get a new record for 24 hours--4 inches from noon Tuesday to noon Wed. beating out the old record of 2.5 inches in 24 hours.
Yeah, lots of wonderful rain to soak the ground and recharge the wells.
Now, if only we can get some snow at my place!

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