Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happiness is....

A new, young, hard-working handyman!
And he is surely getting a lot done on the place. He has cleared the steep hill of dried weeds & carted them off and now is working on the desolate corner that we have been ignoring for years. Then he will clear behind the red barn & give the dried mustard to the horses to eat, saving himself toting it down the driveway to the pile. Then, there is more work, but I'll be out of money for awhile. But I'll have him up here a bunch when the weeds start growing again this winter. The plan is to keep things nice now after all his very hard work.
In the meantime, middle handyman is about done with the pepper trees that now look like trees again instead of large bushes. And senior handyman will be painting the red barn next month. I've been raking up pine needles & leaves from around the house, again. That tree sheds needles constantly. If I had been thinking when I planted that living Christmas tree back in 1985, I would never have put it where I did. Oh well, live & learn.

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