Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Special Cat Moment, or Why Cat Ownership is NOT for the faint of heart

And, so, this morning about 4 am, I am not quite asleep but not really awake. I am in bed enjoying my cat sleeping on my chest. ---
Me--"hmmm, nice, warm"
Cat--"Purrrrr, ack, hack, mmmphf, HACK!"
Me--"hack? OH, HACK! Incoming: Hairball! Must remove cat, NOW."
Cat lands on floor, and immediately hacks up missive. "Hacckkkk--splat"
Me--"Splat? Oh nuts."
I get out the other side of the bed and stay away from landing area. I turn on light and find a large hairball in the midst of a large amount of liquified mess. Definitely that dinner went into the cat looking a lot better then when it came out 10 hours later.
I gather up roll of paper towels, dish gloves, waste basket, bowl of water & clean it up, being very happy this was on the Pergo floor. Finally done, I go back to bed, cat rejoins me, and we doze off for an hour before I have to truly get up.

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