Saturday, November 24, 2012

Training Wild Rabbits

Each morning, I set out hay for the next two feedings. A couple of months ago, I started to train the wild rabbits that try to sneak into the hay stall while I have it open when I am working out in the barn. Each time a rabbit came into the barn aisle, I would walk towards it purposely. If the rabbit did not move off fast enough, I would up my energy and speed until the rabbit moved with the speed I wanted, and moved far enough away. After only a little while, the rabbit population started to thin out. A few stubborn ones kept trying. One was smaller, a youngster--probably a teenager rabbit--and would only move off with an attitude, if it could be said that a rabbit has attitude. I started throwing a hay net at him to get him moving off better. I also kept after him further outside the barn, forcing him to move back further away. This week, there have been no rabbit attempts to come into the barn while I am there. I did stroll outside to see them sitting way up the hill watching, but not coming any closer.
So, yes, wild rabbits can be trained. It is all about pressure, release and intent.

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