Sunday, February 1, 2009

Insight About Horse Riding, Taught by a Cat

I was down & out yesterday with a relapse of the intestinal flu that first struck about 1 1/2 weeks ago. My cats enjoy it when I am sick because not only am I in the house, but in bed nearly all day. Hestia's favorite place is to be on my chest when I am on my back. At one point, yesterday, she was somewhat off center. I noted it but it seemed OK. Then her being off center got annoying. As the minutes passed, the feeling changed into discomfort and finally pain. I shifted her to center and felt immediate relief. Which is when the insight hit me; is this akin to what a horse feels when the rider is off center?

Hestia at not quite 8 lbs. is a bit more then 6% of my body weight. My weight is about 15% of my two smaller horses, Lil' Red and Autumn Wind. What does it feel like to them when I am off center? I try to be centered because I know it is better for the horse and it feels better to me too. But now I think I have a better understanding of it.

As a P. S.--Ass. Con. has published my three recently written articles. You can see them by clicking the link, "My Articles" in the sidebar. There is one horse related article, one book review, and one classic movie review.

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