Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snubbers, the Dinosaur

This photo was taken in late September 1984 when my ex-husband and I were traveling in Vermont to visit Lippitt Morgan breeders. This weanling filly stole our heart so of course she moved to California. This photo was taken after she had taken Dave on a walk down the road. She did not know where she was going and she did not care where she was going but, by golly, she had enthusiasm. Dave could hardly get her to stand still for photos.
Snubbers grew up and retained her enthusiasm. This morning she took me out of the barn and back outside. She still does not know where she is going and does not care, but we sure get there in a hurry. She was the same under saddle--enthusiasm!

It was a friend who said that she is like a dinosaur who had been frozen in its own era, then defrosted in present day life and is a bit bewildered by it all. It seemed so very appropriate that the name stuck. She is diferent from any other horse I have known; she is off in her own world and sometimes her world and that of the humans around her co-incide--or collide, as the case may be.
I have been priveleged to have her and since she is so healthy, should have her for many years yet.
(To see a current photo of her, go to my Old Morgans blog. She is the photo at the top.)

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