Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Really Like My Pergo Floor--

Because it cleans up so easily when my hunting cat vomits back up his latest rodent conquest. Summer Clouds, the overweight Maine Coon who is on a permanent diet, is very laid-back and mostly inactive--except when there is a rodent to be caught and then he turns into Master Hunting Cat. His former owner had him declawed but that does not impede his prowess at all. Any rodent who dares to actually enter the house becomes first a victim of Hunting Cat, then a cat toy and finally cat food. However, Summer has yet to keep down what he eats. It may come back up within minutes or it may take all night, but back up it does come. When it happens on the carpet, cleaning is work. When it happens on the Pergo, it is easy.
This morning I got to clean up off the Pergo last night's rodent. He has discovered that mice sometimes take a shortcut across the cat patio, so now he waits for them out there then brings them in the house to play with and eat. I'm happy that there is one less rodent living under the house; the cat is happy; only the rodents fail to enjoy this activity.


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

It is for that same reason that I avoid carpets and aim for wood or tile. I don't mind the carpets that are small enough they fit in a washing machine, but the others ... they are just that much more difficult to clean!


Erin said...

If it were up to me our house would have any carpet in it. Our cat has sure left his mark on it in a few places.