Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Waterworks, Pt. 2--The Joke is on Me, Again

I knew I should have gone back down the hill yesterday morning to check and see if the valve really was turning completely off. But I had an appointment with my tax accountant and was already running late. (And, how come, when I am already late I get later because I end up behind a county truck putting those reflective dots down the center line and he was not going to move over for the long line of cars stacked up behind him. Being first in line I did get a close view of the two men sitting practically on the road, one with the glue and one putting down the dots.) When I got home, sure enough, the hole was full of water. I let it run and later after washing dishes and arranging house water, I shut down the electric to the well again. This morning, the hole had no standing water.
Joe swears he will be able to get to this today for sure.