Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Reindeer Dog

So I'm opening my store yesterday morning and a very pretty and elegant little dog trots by, with no collar or leash, followed by her person, a guy in a motorized scooter chair thing. The dog was something I don't often see--a Basenji cross. I'll note here that my family got a Basenji back when I was in 4th grade, which was the early '60's, when these great dogs were still rare in this country.
This dog had the red Basenji color with Basenji white points, short Basenji hair, and Basenji look. She lacked the wrinkles in the forehead and her tail was not curled tightly over her back but was Basenji shape & length. She was shorter then a pure Basenji and not as deep. I figured her for a Basenji Chihuahua cross, which I have see often on Petfinder; someone in So. Calif. is breeding this cross.

I approached the guy and commented on how pretty his dog is. He beamed. I then asked what sort of dog is it? He proudly replied "She is a reindeer dog."
Pause, while my brain attempted to comprehend this fact.
I guess I looked puzzled because he then added "Think of the color of a doe in the forest. She is the same color."
My brain still could not grasp this. So I said "I asked because she looks like a Basenji cross to me."
He got huffy and said "She is a Reindeer Dog!"
I decided that this conversation had run its course and told him again how pretty she is and how she so obviously enjoys going out with him. He beamed again and said what a great dog she is.
As I walked back into my store, I said to myself, "Reindeer dog, my foot. I still say she is Basenji/Chihuahua cross."

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