Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Snubbers Lives On!

This photo was taken Feb. 1987. Snubbers (Ryegate Nubbinette) is on the left. Her daughter, SSM Bessie Nekomia (by Quietude Westward) just had a filly! A full Lippitt filly to carry on the line. Bessie looks a lot like her dam; I haven't seen her in person since she left here back in '99 (or '98 I don't recall for sure), but I've seen photos and she still looks a lot like Snubbers. Snubbers looked a lot like her dam. Bessie's two colts have the look also. I'm sure that this newest filly will also have the look.

I am so very pleased.
I still miss Snubbers. She passed on Dec. 2009.

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