Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Horsie Conspirarcy to make me Nuts

Clarion's legs are both doing better. The swelling had gone down considerably in the probably snake bit leg and there has been no further tissue necrosis.
So, since that was doing so well, Dreamer got kicked in the front leg by Sedona. And the kick wound goes clear through the skin to underlying tissue which means I have to clean it twice a day & really watch it. I am hoping we can escape without antibiotic use, but that remains to be seen. At 24 hours this morning, it is looking good but it is too early to tell.
Sedona got moved this morning. Dreamer has been dominant over Sedona but Dreamer is getting old (28 years) & Sedona is pushing. Neither one can quite maintain dominance over the other & that makes problems. I am sure that what happened is that Dreamer went to move Sedona off some hay & that Sedona let go with a kick while moving away. It is a situation that won't get better by itself & could end up fatally for Dreamer. So Sedona got moved. She is not happy about it, but will get over it.
At least, the weather has dropped back to lower heat--mid 90's & into the low 60's at night. That makes a big difference for me when I am out there doctoring a horse!

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