Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Monarch of the Glen

I have been watching, courtesy of NetFlix, the British show, The Monarch of the Glen. Good show--have really been enjoying it. So, anyways, one day as I am walking down the hall, the Big Cat comes strolling out immediately across the way in front of me. I had to come to a screeching stop or fall over him. I stopped and out of my mouth, popped the words "And here he is, The Monarch of the Glen". His new name has stuck.

He had to go to the vet, then go back for a recheck as he has some things to see about. The first time, I had to leave him there & pick him up later. The second time, I stayed with him.While waiting for the vet tech, then later the vet to come in, he stood on the table and hid himself up against me under my jacket. He does not like it there.
I have never seen a cat have blood pressure taken. It is just like for humans. The tech wraps a little cuff around his forearm and the machine measures it. They take three readings and take the average, then consider that it is higher then normal from the stress of being at the vet's. This time his blood pressure was normal. This time his pupil response was normal. I think it is because I was there to hide him.

Back home again, he resumed his rightful place as The Monarch of the Glen.

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