Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Heathermoor Rob Rita 1983-2012

From my friend, Judy, in AZ.
On Sat, Dec 22, 2012,
I got a call this morning that Robby passed quietly in her sleep last night – the ending we would wish for all our horses. No vet to come out and put the horse down etc. She was slightly off her feed the last two days but not drastically. When Cindy went out to feed last night she was lying down in her stall but got right up and followed her around just like always. When Cindy went out to feed this morning, she was gone. Cindy has had to put horses down before and it was horrible for her, but having it go so naturally this time was much less stressful. This is how I want all my horses to go. No pain, no final crisis, no illness, just slipping away quietly. I can tell you that Cindy gave her the best of homes and the best life in her old age. She looked fat and happy and in great shape when I saw her a few months ago. I am going to try to get the pictures off my phone that I took that day. She was in her run shut off from the paddock because it was lunch and that kept Ace from trying to get her food! Mostly they had the run of the place.

 Robbie was with me from autumn 1983 until about 10 years ago. She had three foals here, SSM W Nicole Nekomia, SSM W Naomi Nekomia & SSM Nicholas Moro. It was hard letting go of my "Special Robbie" but I had to cut back and Judy knew of someone in North Arizona who could give her a wonderful home.

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