Friday, December 14, 2012

Moro Hill Gay Ethan get & onwards

 SSM Cloud Dancer (Ember Ethan, by MH Gay Ethan, x Ember Bay Lady, out of Rosemont Melisa by MH Gay Ethan)

 Ember Ethan (MH Gay Ethan x Caven-Glo Lisa)

 SSM Dream Fire (Ember Ethan Dandy, by MH Gay Ethan, x Ember Serene, out of Rosemont Gay Bess, by MH Gay Ethan)
Filly foal--SSM Dream Singer, by Clarion of Quietude

 Ember Serene (Ember Medallion, by Moro Hills Medallion, x Rosemont Gay Bess, out of Moro Hill Gay Ethan)

 SSM Zebulon Bulrush (Clarion of Quietude x Ember Serene)

Ember Bay Lady (Moro Hills Medallion x Rosemont Gay Melisa, by MH Gay Ethan)

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