Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coyote Visitation

I was late getting out of bed yesterday morning and when I did get up, Hestia, the calico cat, was sitting on the window ledge staring outside intently. I looked out to see a coyote sitting at the top of the driveway. Oh-oh, was this going to be another case of Coyote warning? In southwestern Native American lore, Coyote is the Trickster and the harbinger of troubles coming. Then another coyote appeared from behind the old trailer and then a third coyote, and finally, a fourth one, who had been lying down, now got up and became visible to me. WOW—I had never before seen a pack of coyotes; certainly I have heard them often over the decades, but never before had the privilege of seeing a pack. The four then strolled to the front of the house. I went to another window to find Sky, one of my Maine Coon cats, staring out at the coyotes. Sky was shrinking downwards, giving recognition to a larger and more dangerous predator then he. The coyotes continued on to the west side of the house, each stopping in turn to lift a leg on the cat litter box dumpings under the desert willow tree. They moved in such a causal manner that I had time to really look at them. I have had many glimpses of coyotes but the only other time I’ve had such a good look at one was the time one came riding with me, but that is a story for another post. Then they continued on to the fourth side of the house, making a complete circle. At that point, the word “protection” came strongly into my mind. They were renewing an ancient circle of protection. For those whose spirituality takes a different direction, this was simply a pack of coyotes walking a circle around the house. In any case, it was awesomely, beautifully magnificent. If I had gotten up and outside on time, it would not have happened. If I had not looked out the window to see what Hestia was watching, I would have missed it. But the Universe brought it all together and it was wondrous.

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