Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lil' Red's photo

Could not post this yesterday as I was at home with slow dial-up and it just would not load. Today I'm at my bookstore, so can get up a photo. This was taken the first day he was here.


Anonymous said...

OK, I can't see the trainwreck conformation you refer to, but what a face! I admit though, he doesn't look like most Morgans I know, old-style or otherwise. Glad he found someone who will understand him!

CurtsBooks said...

Take a look at the right front leg. HE is not walking funny, his leg turns out badly. I did not post the photo showing his front legs from the front in which it is impossible to draw a straight line down his legs. His rear legs both point outwards too, the right one worse.
He does have a cute face.
Now that he has gained weight, I need to get current photos.