Friday, January 16, 2009

Not such a good ride, or "Lil'Red, you are being a nut!"

I knew we would not have consistency yet but I did not expect the near meltdown of yesterday. At morning feeding, I saw that Lil' Red seemed a bit hyper so I planned on ground work first. He was fine doing the ground work, so I saddled up & got on & we started out good. But once out a ways, he started into wanting to turn for home and when he was not allowed that, he would want to blast off in any direction, also not allowed. He just would not settle at all and this was the hottest he has been for me. We made a big loop that gently headed in the direction of home. Once home, instead of heading for the tack room, we went to the arena and worked on thinking, breathing, giving, stuff like that. Took a while, but he finally gave one big breath and sigh and offered a stop and was able to stand still. Once I was off, instead of going to the tack room, I untacked him out at the far end of the arena then we went on a walk. Once he was dry and cool, we went to his corral.
Lessons learned--more ground work needed for him in general; when I observe high behavior in the corral, push him harder in the ground work to see just how high he is and deal with it in the arena or round pen instead of under saddle on the trails; I'm a better rider then I thought I was, as he showed me yesterday, but I am coming 58 years & stopped bouncing a long time ago & would prefer to avoid certain antics.
This time of year, although the weather is grand, is frustrating because the days are short so I have no time for horses except for non-store days. Oh well, he is only coming 7 years now, so there is time.

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