Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lil Red--photos on his first day here in Nov.

I took these photos on his first day here at the end of November. He was a bit thin and looked nothing like a Morgan.
Now, many pounds later, he still doesn't look like a Morgan, but at least his weight is good and he looks much better. I'll take current photos of him later this week now that he is nearly done shedding.
Back late December, the weather was warm and he was receiving some Senior feed to help him gain weight. He started to blow his coat! He had great chunks of hair coming off, leaving him nearly bald in spots. The hard feed also was making him hot to ride and after a really bad ride, I stopped the hard feed. He had not been getting much, but it was more then enough for him. His weight was nearly up to optimal, so I added in a bit more soaked beet pulp pellets instead of the Senior. His temperament cooled and he stopped blowing his coat.
I am just so delighted with this little horse.
Part 2 to come

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