Friday, May 1, 2009

New Fly Sheet

Clean horse, clean & brand-new fly sheet--can we guess just how long that lasted once I turned him loose?
Spirit Seeker developed a bad allergic reaction to insects while up north so the people gave him back to me. I have started dressing him early this year in the hope that keeping the bugs away to some degree (the darn fly sheet does not cover all of him) will help.
The gnats are bad in his ears but he won't wear a mask with ear pieces. I've tried 3 different makes & he has all of them off in minutes. So he gets the old nose-rubbing stand-by Farnam which at least covers his eyes.
I really like this photo of him. He had never worn a sheet or blanket prior to this day and he seems to be looking at it & asking "Just what is this thing on me?"

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