Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh-oh, one of the cats leaked out

The cat patio is fully enclosed with v-mesh wire on the bottom and then chicken wire on top. The guys did a real good job and it is well-secured with no gaps at all. The bottom photo is of Hestia and the v-mesh wire. My bedroom is one wall of the cat patio and if the cats rub on the wire fence at all, it really reverberates in the room.
The other night, it sounded like the cats were having a major rub fest against the fence; and it went on, and on, and on, and still more. Finally, the noise stopped and I went back to sleep. In the morning, I got up and dressed and headed out to feed horses. I stepped outside the back door and there is a cat sitting in the weeds by Cracker's cage. I looked at Sky (top photo)--he looked at me. [[long pause]] He meowed and sauntered up to the door to go back inside. Of course he had gotten into the weed seeds--fillare, needle grass, fox tails and more were firmly wedged into his long hair all over his body.
After several grooming sessions with different tools and a final polish by hand, he was weed seed free.
And how did he get out of the cat patio? That remains a mystery. I cannot find any gaps in the fence anywhere or any of the v-mesh that has been pushed apart. Somehow, he just got through it.


Anonymous said...

I have an outdoor enclosure for my cats as well. So far no cats have gotten out, but Capt Jack Sparrow, my pirate cat, keeps bringing in recruits for his morale (aka, belly). What's really weird is that they're mostly birds. I have covered the 2" wire with a plastic screen-type stuff, which is working well--the amount of critters has been cut down. I can tell the mice probably get in under the door of the enclosure. But I still can't figure out where he's getting the birds from. It's creepy, really.

CurtsBooks said...

And you never will find out. It just won't happen when you are watching.