Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cool Beans, part 2

For many years, the horses in the back lot went to the barn for meals so they could have individual feed. I would get the stalls ready, open the gate and get out of the way and they would take themselves to the barn and into their stalls. Worked great.
Of course, Snubbers the Dinosaur would take her own route, arriving eventually. So, one fine spring morning, I open the gate and 6 horses go left, 1 dinosaur goes right as usual but this time Beans follows Snubbers. I go on out to the barn and close stall doors but am still missing two and go out looking for them. Over by the clothesline, there is Snubbers grazing on some grass. Beans however is hanging with her but not eating grass. A closer looks shows that he is happily chewing on a t-shirt on the clothesline. He has it way back into his mouth and is blissfully grinding away. There are 3 other t-shirts on the ground around him. He has put holes in all 4 t-shirts! Any normal horse would have been grazing, but Beans preferred the opportunity to chew cloth. What a goof!

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