Monday, March 2, 2009

Stalking as a Hobby

Summer is indulging in his hobby of stalking Hestia. They just passed through the kitchen and are now stalemated in the living room. When he gets too close, she growls at him but keeps moving onwards. Eventually she will stop, sit down and face him. This calls his bluff and he sits down about a foot from her and stares at her while she growls. This can go on for quite a while. Finally, she breaks, leaping at him and batting with her front feet. He just stands there and gets batted until she gives up and runs off. Since he is 18 lbs and she is not quite 8 lbs it resembles a canoe attacking a battleship. I really don't know who wins these encounters but I suspect Summer is the winner as he is not the one who leaves and when she leaves, he just marches right after her again. This can go on for ages until Summer decides he has moved enough for one day and quits. It is good that he has a hobby that makes him exercise.

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