Sunday, March 1, 2009

Flu induced Dialogue with Myself

Having a severe flu is not for wimps; one needs to be strong to get through the darn thing. I spent two days last week with dialogues similar to this.
Since the flu messed with my stomach and I could only eat tiny amounts, I knew I had to eat often, about every 2 hours. Time to eat would come around and I would lie in bed with my better self saying "Get up and eat." My other self would whine "I don't wanna. It's too hard." First self--"GET UP NOW." Second self--"alright alright. I see human feet on the floor and they must be mine since I am the only human around here so I must be up." First self--"Walk into the kitchen and get food." {shuffle shuffle}. Second self--"There, one bit of rice in the bowl." First self--"That is not enough." Second self--"Two bites and that is all I can do." First self--"Fine. Warm it up & eat it. And then drink some water." Second self--"ewww, the water tastes funny. I don't like it. I don't want it." First self--"the flu makes everything taste funny. just drink it already." {sip sip sip}

This went on all day and by that evening I could not stand to look at rice let alone eat it. So, I scrounged in the freezer and came up with a mostly used bag of frozen hash browns thatwais about 100 years old. "Ohh, this is better then rice. " Put some into bowl and microwave it and it is now a glob of gelatinous mush which actually had a bit of taste and went down easy. Both selves were happy now. Later that night, I talked my First self into accepting crackers instead of rice.

Things did get better.

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